Our reputation

Our Reputation

Our reputation rests on our ability to retain the confidence of all our stakeholders, from the local communities we protect, to the national bodies we answer to. To do this, we need to consistently deliver the highest standards of policing, protection and security at nuclear sites and whilst escorting nuclear materials.

We do this firstly, by ensuring that every Police Officer and member of Police Staff is not only highly trained, but also committed to staying at the forefront of their field.

Secondly, our performance is kept under constant review by the Command Team and our stakeholders. This close scrutiny ensures that we continue to maintain the highest standards in our work.

Most of all, we have to recognise what makes us different to other Home Office and Police Scotland forces. For example, our focus on counter-terrorist operations means we now employ all Police Officers as Armed Response Officers. The operational context of nuclear facilities also means that our crime statistics are very low in comparison to other forces, because our Officers police within the operational sites and in defined areas outside of those operational sites. The one thing that links us to other police forces is that we take all crime and terrorist threat very seriously.

Our approach has enabled us to build a clear operational focus for the future and a solid reputation for delivering excellent policing services.