There are a number of stages in our selection process, and it can be daunting. But what is it really like to go through – and what, if any, preparations should you take?

Find out from some of our people who have been through it recently – and some who have been involved as recruiters too.

"The selection process wasn’t a problem, as I was accustomed to competency based applications."

"As you would expect, the questions for an Assistant Chief Constable were both searching and vigorous and the entire process was extremely challenging."

"I’ve been a regular part of assessment procedures for several years and it’s nothing to be scared of. Ensure you understand the process and what will be required of you. Prepare by thinking of some good examples of tasks or incidents you have been involved in and what skills or attributes these demonstrate. And don’t forget to make sure your level of fitness is up to scratch!"

"The selection process wasn’t too bad. I applied in April, sat the assessments in November, then started in January. The process is in-depth and the assessment centres involve fitness tests and team building activities."

"Before attending the assessment centre, I would recommend speaking to someone who has passed it to see what preparation you need to do."

"My application process was rather straightforward – forms to fill in, but help was given if needed. HR kept me informed on where in the process the forms had got and called if any more information was needed."