Hints and tips

Hints & Tips


To apply for the CNC, you need to be at least 18 years old, and must be at least 18 years and 6 months on appointment. There is no maximum age, however please bear in mind that current normal police officer pensionable age at CNC is 60 and all Police Officer recruits must be able to complete their two-year probationary period.


To join us you need to be either:

  • a British citizen
  • a national of a country that’s a member of the EEA
  • a Commonwealth citizen or foreign national who has no restrictions on your stay in the United Kingdom.

Criminal record

Ideally you will not have a criminal record however some minor offences will not exclude you from joining us.

In your application form please be honest. You will need to let us know all convictions, formal police cautions and any bind-overs imposed by any court. This should include traffic offences such as speeding, drink-driving and fixed penalties for motoring or disorder offences. It also includes spent convictions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (by virtue of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exemptions) Order 1975).

You should also let us know if you have been involved with civil, military or transport police, and any court martial appearances.

Be advised that in the application and vetting forms it asks you to state any interaction you have had with Police, even as a witness or even that you were spoken to in the street.


As our Police Officers interact with the public and our stakeholders daily, we need to ensure that any tattoos you have are not likely to cause offence or be viewed as threatening.

If you have any tattoos on your face, neck, forearms or hands you will need to describe them and send a recent photo to us with your application.

Our decision to proceed with your application will be based on the size, nature, location and sometimes the extent of your tattoo, as well as whether it might potentially cause offence to members of the public or colleagues.

Financial status

Police Officers have access to privileged information and could potentially be vulnerable to corruption. That is why applicants should not be under pressure from unpaid debts and liabilities and need to show they can manage loans and debts sensibly.

We realise that most people have some sort of debt, such as a mortgage, a student loan or credit card payments. If your debts are within your means and are manageable, they will not be a bar to appointment.

Business interests

Unless the Chief Officer decides otherwise, you will not be eligible to join a police force if:

  • you run any other business or are employed or hired in any other business
  • your spouse or any other relative owns a shop,
  • your spouse or any other relative holds a licence relating to liquor, refreshment houses, betting/gaming, or a place of entertainment.

The Chief Officer may decide that any of these interests are compatible with being a member of the CNC.

Driving licence

You will need to hold a full manual driving licence with no more than 6 points on it.

Physical fitness

Police Officers are covered by the Disability Discrimination Act, so if you have a disability, we will make reasonable adjustments where appropriate.

Your fitness will be assessed as part of the recruitment process to ensure you meet the minimum standard to fulfil role requirements. The CNC carry out the multi-stage shuttle run (bleep test) to level 7.6. This is in line with National Standard for Armed Response Officers. If you prepare properly, you should have no problems passing.

If you are worried about your fitness, it's a good idea to do some training before you are called in for the fitness test, but make sure you seek medical advice before starting any rigorous training.

Medical health

Policing within the Civil Nuclear Constabulary is very different to policing within a Home Office force or Police Scotland. Besides being Police Officers, they are trained to be firearms officers and will work on Licenced Nuclear sites where they may be exposed to a variety of hazards including radioactive material and may be required to wear respiratory protective equipment possibly for a significant time period.

Due to the highly specialised and unique nature of the role of an Authorised Firearms Officer within the CNC, individuals need to achieve different levels of medical and physical fitness standards to their Home Office and PoliceScotland colleagues.

Further details on the CNC’s medical standards are available here.

Previous applications

Police Officer candidates may only apply to one police force at any one time. If you have any outstanding applications for other forces, you will not be eligible to join the CNC until six months after your application for any other force has been unsuccessful.


As the CNC are a non-Home Office Constabulary, we do not directly transfer officers from force to force like the Home Office. We do however, consider an officer's previous service history when calculating annual leave and salary.

Applicants are welcome from the following forces:

  • Police Service of Northern Ireland.
  • British Transport Police.
  • Channel Isles and Isle of Man Police.
  • Ministry of Defence Police.
  • Home Office and Scottish Executive forces.

Applicants from other forces, not listed above, should contact the recruitment department before applying.