Inspectors facts

  • Empower and lead a team of Sergeants and Constables
  • Build relationships with key stakeholders
  • Ensure your team deliver effectively against key strategic priorities


As one of our Inspectors, you will have already worked your way up through the ranks of Police Constable and Sergeant either in the CNC or another police force. As well as a strong policing background, you will also need excellent managerial and leadership skills. You will be leading either a team of Police Sergeants and Constables, or a specialist team, or you may even have the opportunity to lead or act as second in command of an Operational Policing Unit with the sole responsibility of protecting a civil nuclear facility.

As an Inspector you will have a high level of responsibility and will play a critical role in ensuring the high performance of individuals and contributing to the overall effectiveness of the Constabulary. Drawing on your skills, knowledge and expertise as a successful Police Officer, you will be able to coach and mentor your own team and work closely with your Divisional Commander or Chief Inspector to ensure that your department is effectively delivering within budget against key strategic priorities.

As an Inspector you will also have the opportunity to use your exceptional interpersonal skills as you represent CNC in working with site management, external agencies, local representatives and community groups.