Police Constables facts

  • Join a dedicated, committed team
  • Lay the foundations of a life-long career as a Police Officer
  • Opportunities to specialise on completion of your two-year probationary period

Police Constables

Join us as a recruit and we will provide you with world-class training, practical skills and dedicated mentor support, which will provide the foundations of a successful career as a Police Officer in the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

After completing an intensive and challenging 17-week initial training course, you will be assigned to one of our Operational Policing Units, where you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the protection of nuclear sites and materials.

You will be trained with the attitude that 'no two patrols will be the same' and must prepare and be alert for unusual incidents in and around the site you are protecting. Depending on your Unit and operational requirements, you could be issued with your weapons and head out on foot or vehicle patrols, you could be assigned to a fixed point duty where you will play a critical part in ensuring only authorised people are allowed onto nuclear licensed sites, or you will be part of a team responding to an incident or alarm.

On completing your two-year probation, you will be eligible to apply for any specialty roles or available transfer opportunities to further stretch and develop your career.