Dog Handler

Dog Handlers

Becoming one of our dog handlers can involve being with your dog 24/7, if you home kennel. So it goes without saying that you need to love working with dogs. It can also be a very active job. Your role could involve conducting offsite, fence and full site checks, patrolling the site and checking the kennels. This means it involves a lot of exercise and walking, so you will need to be fit.

As a dog handler, you will receive comprehensive training – the quality of our training means you may find yourself in demand from other forces to help them with incidents. Our dogs are trained for a variety of roles, from general purpose police work to explosives detection. Our Constabulary Dog Training Facility provides full training for dogs and their handlers, as well as giving advice and guidance to all CNC units on the care, welfare and deployment of police dogs. The standard of training for all handlers, dogs and instructors is to agreed Home Office levels and we liaise closely with other Home Office forces.

One of our key challenges is maintaining the supply of replacement dogs, although in recent years we have started our own puppies breeding scheme. As some of our serving dogs are getting older, replacing them will still be a major challenge, as breeding and training a dog to the required standards takes a long time.