Special Branch

Every Constabulary has a Special Branch, and the CNC is no exception. In the present climate, countering terrorism, domestic extremism, espionage and proliferation is more important and more relevant than ever for the Constabulary. So, the investigations and intelligence gathering undertaken by our Special Branch are vital in order to identify any emerging threats to the nuclear facilities and ensure that the constabulary is match fit to respond to and mitigate the threats.

The Special Branch supports the national effort to deter, detect and disrupt terrorist activity. This means that if you join this national team, you will be at the forefront of our efforts to defend and protect the nuclear industry from a terrorist attack and work closely with Home Office and Scottish Executive Constabularies and the CT Network.

In Special Branch you will discover a varied workload including the chance to use your investigative skills and make decisions that must stand up to scrutiny. From providing intelligence briefings internally and externally, creating intelligence products, to visiting and liaising with the external intelligence community in order to share intelligence and examples of best practice, you will find a new challenge every day.