Police Staff Facts

  • Provide essential support for all our officers
  • Everything from HR to IT
  • Opportunities at Headquarters and throughout the UK


Training at the CNC comprises three main training functions (Professional Development, which serves new and experienced Police Officers and Police Staff; Firearms Training, which serves the weaponry training needs of all Police Officers; and the Dog Training School, which serves the needs of both dogs that have been bred or acquired for specialist search roles and Police Officers who want to develop their career in this most rewarding of police activities.

With an increased emphasis on security and safety at nuclear sites, particularly in the arena of counter-terrorism, the delivery of high quality training in conjunction with speedy and relevant intelligence from our Special Branch team to support front-line Police Officers to fulfil their defend, deny and recover role, is vital. As well as more focused tactical firearms training for Armed Response Officers, we are also providing the training required to support the introduction of other, non-lethal options of defence and attack, including, of course, unarmed tactics.

As well as our ever-evolving arms and equipment training, we also regularly review our range of internal courses against need and opportunity and where appropriate will refer learners to external training in specialist knowledge and skills. This could involve CNC educational sponsorship of studies for professional qualifications that are relevant to an individual's current or intended role.