Job title: Armed Response Officer

Working location: Torness

I have been a Police Officer at CNC for the past 13 years. I previously worked as a receptionist but felt I needed a more challenging, fulfilling role which I have found at CNC.

I was initially posted to Dounreay at the north of Scotland, then after my probationary period I undertook Counter Terrorist Search Training before joining the Tactical Response Group. I was then posted to the Torness support unit as an Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) where I have been working as part of a team carrying out counter terrorist patrols.

Prior to joining CNC I had no previous firearms knowledge which was a a bit daunting, however the firearms training was of a high standard and I quickly became confident in using the weapons I now carry on a daily basis. The firearms training is to National AFO standards and I maintain this qualification through regular re-qualification shoots.

A typical day starts with being issued with a firearm, followed by a briefing of the latest intelligence and tactical options to be used during the day. I then carry out patrols, providing a high visibility presence in and around the site. During my patrols I frequently meet members of the public and enjoy liaising with the local community – I feel this is a very important part of my duties but need to be aware of the fact that I am wearing a firearm and the effect this has on the general public.

As well as my daily duties, I am also involved in tutoring probationary officers in my team and feel this is an important role in the development of those who are in training. I have also undertaken acting sergeant duties at Torness over the past two years and intend to sit the force sergeant exam soon.