Job title: Dog Handler

Working location: Harwell

I joined the CNC in January 2004 and completed my probationary period at the Chapelcross site in Scotland. After my two-year probationary period I started the 13 week dog handling course. I then joined Chapelcross as a duty Dog Handler then after that I moved into a specialist tactical response team. In April 2007 I was offered the role of a Dog Handler at the Harwell site, and I have been operational as a Dog Handler ever since.

CNC has provided a lot of opportunities for training, particularly in my role as a Dog Handler. I also need to maintain my Firearms qualification, so one day I could be working as a Dog Handler, the next as an Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) and I really enjoy this flexibility.

There’s great variety in my role that keeps me motivated. We conduct a number of off-site, fence and full site checks, patrol the sites, check the kennels and a number of other control room tasks. It's a very active role and involves a lot of exercise and walking.

The best part of my role is being with the dog – I get so much out of it. I'm with the dog 24/7, so I spend more time with him than I do with my fiancée! It was always an ambition of mine to work with police dogs, so having achieved that ambition makes me feel fulfilled. I home kennel my dog, and I’ll be able to keep him when he retires.