Job title: Inspector, Operations

Working location: Culham

Since joining the CNC in 2004, I have been given the opportunity to gain experience in different roles and environments. I have been operationally "on the ground" at Operational Policing Units, as well as seeing how strategic issues are planned and managed at Headquarters.

One of my previous roles was in the Command Team, which was enjoyable as it meant I was fortunate to have a close up view on how the organisation was developing strategically. It was a high pressured and busy role, but very satisfying and stimulating.

I currently work in the Operations department at our Headquarters in Culham. I enjoy being part of a small team that performs an important role by planning operations. It is different from other roles I've performed – I am learning all the time and gaining experience from working with different people.

As it is a small team, it is important that we all get on. The CNC is a national organisation so you meet people from different backgrounds and cultures and there are opportunities to move around the country. It's also a growing organisation, so there are genuine possibilities to develop through promotion or other specialist roles.

The Constabulary needs to constantly change to meet evolving requirements. Our Command Team is made up of Senior Officers with an abundance of experience in different areas, so I believe that our reputation amongst other police forces and organisations is a very positive one.