Jen's Story

Jen is a PC at our Hartlepool Operational Policing Unit and outlines her reasons for joining the CNC.

Jen said: “I was born and bred into a military life, with my dad having served my whole childhood in the Royal Air Force. Later, I served in the Army Reserves for over three years while also working fulltime in the NHS. I thoroughly enjoyed my role as a Combat Medical Technician (CMT) in the Royal Army Medical Corps whilst attached as the only medic to a Royal Artillery Battery and working closely with the local Field Hospital Unit.

“I joined the CNC in 2013 as the first police officer in my family, stepping away from the military lifestyle. With the firearms experience I gained with the army, I found the CNC as a primarily firearms force to be an easy transition to fulfilling my ambition to become a police officer.

“My ambition on joining was to become a police medic too as I felt I had a lot of transferable skills to offer the CNC. As a police medic I still train to work in a tactical firearms environment within a ‘hot zone’ setting and to triage, provide medical treatment and command the scene, including evacuations, much like an army CMT role. Day to day on duty I have also been able to assist Cleveland Police and the North East Ambulance Service as a police officer and medic. The next step in my career is to work towards promotion to police sergeant.

“My personal advantages gained from working for the CNC is that it suits my work/life home balance whilst enabling me to pursue a fulfilling career in a role I enjoy. I have always felt equal as part of the team and fully supported throughout my career.”