Chris' Story

Chris, who is a former Royal Marine, joined the CNC as an AFO four years ago and is now a Firearms Instructor. He tells us why he joined the CNC.

“Having spent a successful eight years in the Royal Marines serving overseas regularly on operations it was with some trepidation that I decided to leave and pursue a career in civilian life.

“After leaving I felt somewhat lost with not much sense of purpose and missed the comradery of military life alongside being part of an Elite fighting force. I embarked on the circuit of private and maritime security for four years, perhaps subconsciously seeking out that excitement and close-knit team ethos that I missed from my time in the corp. Eventually this to took its toll on family life and through contacts made on the circuit I was pointed in the direction of the CNC.

“Initially when I looked at the CNC, I was sceptical due to my military background and the unique sense of humour that goes along with that, potentially landing me in trouble in the policing world. Eventually I started the recruitment process and it wasn’t long before I realised that former military personnel have many attributes that come naturally and the policing world are keen to foster these within their own forces for example teamwork, honesty, work ethic and integrity alongside many others.

“I successfully completed training and have now been in for four years. I have taken full advantage of the many courses that the CNC have to offer, including Servator detection, dynamic search, police medic, fitness instructor and self-defence. I am now in the position of teaching firearms and tactics to officers and have specialised into the dynamic search specialist firearms team.

“The CNC is a diverse force and you will soon find yourself fitting in to the team (many of who are ex forces) and becoming part of a professional organisation both from a work and social perspective. The CNC is without doubt a rewarding and worthwhile career.”