Police Officer Transferees


As a serving or recently retired police officer

you have a wealth of policing knowledge and experience and carry out a vitally important role.

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But have you thought about specialising as an Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO)? Would you appreciate a better work/life balance? Would you like to work for a national infrastructure police force protecting the nation?

If so, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary might be the place for you to continue your policing career. We offer a number of bespoke transferee training courses throughout the year which recognise the skills you already have as a police officer and could see you operational in as little as three weeks, depending on your firearms experience.

If you join us on a transferee course, you will first undertake a two-week induction programme at our headquarters in Oxfordshire, where you will be sworn in as an officer of the CNC. You will cover areas of legislation, protective security and health and safety which are specific to the role of an AFO in the CNC as well as being issued with and trained in the use of our Personal Protective Equipment.

Following the induction, you will embark on your nationally accredited firearms course, the duration of which will depend upon the qualifications gained in your previous force but will be between one and nine weeks long.

So what could you expect if you do decide to transfer to the CNC? Transferees who join the CNC will, in the majority of cases, have the salary and annual leave entitlements they had at their last force honoured – meaning you can start with us on exactly the same pay and entitlements. If you have recently retired or left the police service, you may also be able to join on your previous conditions.

You will work a four on/four off 12-hour shift pattern, considered one of the most desirable in the policing world and allowing for an excellent work/life balance. Although overtime is available, you will start and finish at your allotted times so you can plan your personal life accordingly around your shifts.

You will also be based in some of the most stunning parts of the country with beautiful scenery on your doorstep. And after you complete your six-month probation, you can apply to join one of our specialist departments such as the Strategic Escort Group or our Dog Section, depending on which unit you are based at and vacancies available. Or you can specialise yourself by training to become an Enhanced Carbine officer, a Dynamic Search and Interdiction officer, a Police Medic or a nationally accredited Police Firearms Instructor.

Our most recent transferee course began in October 2019 and one of our transferees from West Yorkshire Police, Kay, recorded a weekly vlog telling us why she joined, how she found the training, and what she wanted out of a career with the CNC. Find out more about the CNC transferee experience by watching Kay’s vlogs:


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