Donna's Story

"Being an Inspector is a very responsible position. I enjoy that."

I joined the CNC in 2008 as a police constable. I am now an Operational Unit Commander in charge of an operational policing unit. I lead a team of sergeants and police constables responsible for providing armed police protection to a civil nuclear facility.

Being an Inspector in charge of a team of armed police officers is a very responsible position and I enjoy having that responsibility. I play a critical role in ensuring the high performance of the officers under my command, as well as preparing them to respond to critical incidents through training, exercises and intelligence briefings.

However, the welfare of my officers is just as crucial, and I use all my skills, knowledge and experience to coach, mentor and develop my team.

As an Inspector I represent the CNC when working with the nuclear site management team, external agencies, local representatives, community groups and the local police force.

In my job I also work closely with my Divisional Command Team to ensure that my unit gets the support it needs, remains effective and contributes to constabulary strategic priorities and objectives.

Since joining the CNC in 2008, I have been given the opportunity to gain experience in several different roles and environments. And there are still lots of opportunities open to me, but for now I am very happy being an Operational Unit Commander. It’s so rewarding to see my officers developing and flourishing - knowing I have played a big role in their development.