There’s more to the old ‘fort on the mound’


With an Operational Policing Unit (OPU) and a first-class firearms training facility,

there’s more than one way to become exceptional at Dounreay.

Dounreay, the most northern site CNC operates. Situated in the far North of Scotland, the area is renowned for its stunning scenery and is surrounded by some of the UK’s most impressive local attractions. Not only will you find the Operational Policing Unit (OPU), you’ll also discover a first-class firearms training facility at Dounreay.

Originally the site of a castle (now a ruin), Dounreay has everything for someone looking for a slower pace of life, as well as the scenery and sites to really admire. You’ll find mile after mile of unspoilt beaches, stunning castles, and even a few whisky distilleries. Other notable attractions include John o’Groats, Scapa Flow, and the beautiful Northern Highlands. For lovers of history, you can pop over on a short ferry ride to Orkney. There you’ll find the Neolithic Orkney World Heritage site, which contains the Ring of Brodgar – the oldest known human dwellings in the UK.

House prices are below the national average, with properties coming in around £117,715 (October 2018).